About Gary

So… who’s this guy?


Short answer: this guy is me. Gary Korisko

I'm not a huge fan of talking about myself. I think that's mainly because it irks me so much when others do it too much.

At the same time, I understand that people are justifiably curious who's behind the website. I would be too, so here we go...

Business, Corporate, and Professional Background

I've been in sales and marketing in one capacity or another for close to 30 years. Yes, I'm that old.

From local sales rep to regional manager to national sales manager flying coast to coast literally every single stinkin' week of the year - I've done it all. I've worked for (and with) Mom and Pop shops, Fortune 500 companies, and as an entrepreneur.

I've also worked full-time as a copywriter for some of the biggest names online, and I still do some work for a select client here and there. I love copywriting (for the right client) because it's persuasion on paper... or on a screen. You know what I mean.

Currently, I do this (Reboot Authentic) and work out there in the "real world" for a great business to business company in sales and business development. B2B has always been my passion.


Personal Stuff

Because you asked.

Alright. Open book time. Here's some stuff about me that folks like you usually ask:

I've been married since 1991. To the same person... and yes, she's here voluntarily. I have three boys who are all adults now, and one of them has made me a grandpa three times already. Becoming a Dad is probably the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.

I was brought up (and still live in) Omaha, Nebraska by the two best parents I could have ever asked for. They were such wonderful, nice people. I lost them both within a 4 month period in 2017. They both lived into their 80's, but I still wanted more time with them and miss them both terribly. On the upside, I was very fortunate to have outstanding parents for a very long time.

Interests, Pet Peeve’s and Potpourri

Gary doesn’t like writing about Gary in the third person. It annoys Gary.

I’m a HUGE college football fan and actually played for (practiced for) my favorite team – The University of Nebraska. Go Huskers!

While building my career in sales and marketing I did a lot of other stuff on a temporary and part time basis – including tending bar, selling garage doors, and working in radio (which I LOVED and it still fascinates me to this day).

I have nearly infinite patience for sincere, ambitious people – and a pretty short fuse when it comes to dishonesty or laziness.

I love me some dogs. My wife and I are involved in a local dog rescue - and as a result we now have four dogs, including my best friend Zoe. You read right... four dogs. The fourth was a dog we volunteered to foster... for about 12 hours. Huge foster failure.

I spent years wearing custom suits with french cuffs and cufflinks flying from coast to coast for work and staying in really nice hotels in cool cities all over the country. Yes, it was kind of fancy. Hell no I don’t miss it.

On the exterior I’m a big, burly, tough guy – who’s also pretty emotional. I’m moved easily, and I wear it on my sleeve. (Which, as you might imagine, can be rough on the old wardrobe.)

I want to know you. Getting to know people on a personal level isn’t always possible online because of the huge numbers of people and the volume of communication – but people matter to me. So if I can help, please reach out. I can’t always help, but if I’m able I will.

I’m super glad you’re here. Make sure and sign up below for updates and FREE access to the Members Only Persuasion Vault!

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