You Already Know Enough To Succeed


 Do me a favor.Read this post quickly - then go do something enthusiastically.

Take action.


There is a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it.

-Bill Phillips.

Those words from Bill Phillips both motivate and haunt me. What do they do for you?

Do they remind you of a time when you chose to be a person of action, took on a big challenge, and kicked its ass?

Or does it remind you of all those plans you could have, should have, would have executed if only…

  • The timing was better…

  • You had more money…

  • You had more free time…

  • Yadda, yadda, lorem ipsum, blah, blah, blah…

Excuses. All of them.I’m not throwing stones - I’ve done it too. More than I care to admit.

But here’s the thing:
You already know most of what you need to know to succeed at whatever you put your mind to.(Tweet this quote)

Now here’s the other thing:
As humans, you and I have a tendency to stall.

You want to research just a little more, to think a little more, to read one more article, to attend one more seminar... to do just one last Google search.

And when you get everything lined up just right… then… THEN you’ll execute! Yep. When that day comes you’ll execute like crazy. But in the meantime… just a little more research.

So what’s really stopping you?

You already know enough to take action. You already know how to succeed.

In fact action is the only difference between you and all those successful people you look up to.

You already know so much.

Of all that knowledge and experience you have there in that amazing brain… which thing will you act on today?

Whatever it is, do it with gusto.

And then come back and tell me about it. I have a feeling it’s going to be one hell of a story!

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