The Benefits of Pig-Headed Determinism and Being Able to Take a Punch


From the heart of one bloody-nosed warrior to another…

Don’t you ever, EVER...

...fully accept defeat.

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as someone who possesses pig-headed determinism, but you do possess it.

Maybe you’ve been beat down, overlooked, and had more challenges in your life than the next guy or gal. I get it. It’s exhausting.

And yet here you are.

You’ve taken your punches, and yet you’re still hunting for something you haven’t caught yet. You’re still trying.

No matter how broken down, shat upon, or inadequate you feel (or have felt)... here you are.

Why is that?

Seriously. Ask yourself that question and come up with a real answer.

Why haven’t you just folded up the tent and quit trying even in your darkest moments when you would have LOVED to quit?

Real losers quit. They stop trying. They stop searching, and they quit dreaming of something better out there beyond the horizon.

That’s not you. It can’t possibly be you.

Because here you are.

The Benefit of Pig-Headed Determinism

I don’t care whether you believe it or not.

If you keep moving forward, you’ll find your way.

This crazy human experience is a lot like taking a hike in the dark. You can’t always see where the path you’re on is leading until you take a step - and then the path reveals itself bit by bit as you move forward.

When you think you’ve hit bottom, when you feel like you’ve given everything you have and there’s nothing left in your tank, when the a-holes of the world do everything in their power to take a big old whiz on your parade and beat you down…

...and especially when common sense tells you that you should scrap your dreams and just take the “safe” route…

Ignore it and forge ahead. That's called pig headed determinism, my friend.

I don’t care if you’re tired, discouraged, scraped, or bloodied.

You’re NEVER…

...EVER defeated until YOU give in.

The Responsible Thing?

In 2012, I entered the blogosphere. I was a corporate executive with 20-ish years of sales and marketing under my belt.

At the time, I was a national sales director flying coast to coast weekly, staying in the finest hotels, making great money, and enjoying incredible perks including exotic reward trips to amazing places like Fiji.

And as great as all that might sound, I wasn’t happy.

Don’t get me wrong, some of that stuff was awesome, and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to have experienced it all.

But something was missing. I was working myself stupid and being compensated very well for it, but it wasn’t fulfilling. I didn’t feel like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.

I spent my youth (childhood through about 25) as a creative. I wrote, drew, acted, entertained, and performed. And I was pretty good at it. More importantly, I loved it with every cell in my body.

Long story short, at some point I decided to do “the responsible thing” and pack away all of that stuff that made me feel alive to pursue a corporate career.

So in 2012, even though I didn’t have much of a plan, I decided it was time to dust of at least a portion of my dreams and dip my toe into the blogosphere. My toe has never been the same.

Looking back now, in all honesty, my first attempt at a blog sucked. It sucked hard. Lucky for me, I came across a training program I really liked and wound up connecting with some great people because of it.

Little did I know that decision would change everything for me… eventually.

My Path From There to Here

Yes, eventually.

After several “day jobs” I hated to their core.

After surviving more ups and downs and than I care to count.

And after what I thought was a “big break” with people of integrity (that turned out to be anything but) ended abruptly.

That one, by the way, in hindsight, was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. It was like having a malignant growth successfully removed: painful at the time, but a lifesaver.

And, like you… here I am. Still slugging away. More pumped than ever to make “it” happen.

Today I have a fantastic group of clients and I’m poised to shift Reboot Authentic into overdrive in the new year.

And I can’t wait to see what challenges and opportunities are waiting for me around the next corner.

I can’t tell you where this bus will wind up ultimately, but I can tell you two things:

  1. The rest of this insane ride is going to make for one hell of a story.

  2. Wherever it winds up, it’s going to be awesome.

That’s the confidence pig-headed determinism gives you.

Why YOU Are a Bloody-Nosed Warrior

Sure, there are times you’ll want to quit. There are times when you’re out of gas, out of options, and out of hope.

And yet you continually claw your way out of the deep, dark muck time and time again and find a ray of light.

You’re like the Terminator…

- They shoot you, and you keep coming- They throw you out of a speeding car, and you keep coming- They burn off your synthetic skin, exposing your robotic skeleton underneath, and you keep coming

Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

Only two things can stop you: Actual physical death… and yourself.

And after all that you’ve been through, both good and bad: The triumphs, the losses, the highest highs, the crushing lows, the exhilarating achievements, and the all-out crash-and-burns… here you are.

Still searching, still slugging away.

You’re a bloody-nosed warrior… and I’m proud to be associated with you.

Stay tuned. We’re going to make -some noise and stir things up this year - you and me ;)

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