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The Peter Principle: To Promote From Within or Not?

We all know a person who has been with their employer for years. They parked in the right spot, they were always on time, they worked hard, and everyone loved having them on the team. Naturally, at some point this person got promoted as a result of their good work and good citizenship. Maybe they got promoted several times. But at some point during the climb, some people ascend a rung or two above their competency. Here’s how to avoid that problem.

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What You Don't Know About Pie Might Just Kill Your Business

We’ve been taught to think of our market as a pie. You know, a pie is only so big… and every time someone takes a piece, there’s less left for the rest of us - and our destiny is to fight it out in a bloody battle against our competitors within its inflexible boundaries. Read on to fins out why there are no boundaries to your market and how you can grab as much of it as you want!

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