Why the World Needs You to Be an Authentic Leader


When I first started out online, I spent a lot of time looking for the insider tips, tricks, and secrets to getting myself noticed.

And I quickly learned something - as I'm sure you have too.

There is no one secret.

As much as I love the online marketing world, it also has its downsides. Like not-so-subtly suggesting that there are easy answers, sure-fire guru formulas, and so-called secrets of quick success.

In reality, those things don’t exist. At least not in an "instant success" kind of way. Sure, there are sometimes simple answers to individual problems. There are for sure shortcuts in a lot of situations, and there are tips and hacks that can make things happen faster.

But silver bullets and magic wands? Not so much.

That being said, if I was allowed to share only one tip with you on how to succeed, my advice would be this…

Be an authentic leader.

Yes, it’s simplistic. You might even call it vague. But I promise you that long-term, authentic leadership is more powerful and potent than any glitzy secret formula you’ll find - and it can make the difference between your eventual success or failure.

10 Tell Tale Signs of an Authentic Leader

Leadership is a word that comes with a lot of preconceived notions in that it automatically conjures pictures of big bosses, bigger board rooms, and fancy suits. And that’s too bad because real leadership is so much more than that.

An authentic leader is a different animal than the usual leadership stereotype. You immediately recognize a true authentic leader when you see one because...

Authentic Leaders:

  1. Have open, honest relationships - both personally and professionally

  2. Value and solicit other people's input

  3. Are highly ethical in word and deed

  4. Don't believe or behave as if they're better than the people they lead

  5. Recognize and attack problems - but are generally warm, positive people

  6. Are self-aware enough to recognize and acknowledge both their talents and their weaknesses

  7. Are success-minded, and invite everyone along for the ride

  8. Aspire to excellence in everything they touch, but allow for imperfection along the way

  9. Have a long-term focus and don't get tangled up in urgent minutia

  10. Bring people together and build communities

Now that sounds like someone worth following, doesn't it?

So where do leaders like that come from? Everywhere. There's one in the nearest mirror.

How to Harness the Power of Authentic Leadership

We all have countless opportunities to practice authentic leadership.

It doesn’t require an office, a title, or any sort of official appointment by a higher power.

A leader is just someone who leads. Bam. That’s it.

The opportunity to lead presents itself to each of us every single day.

Who needs a leader?

A company, an event, a social group, a company, a movement, a family, a community, a campaign, a team, a revolution… the list goes on and on.

So while an authentic leader can be a guy wearing a suit in an office somewhere, don’t limit yourself to that image.

You’re a leader already - whether you know it or not.

Someone in your life sees you as an example. It’s possible a lot of people see you that way and you don’t realize it. They take notice of how you present yourself, the decisions you make, and how you react to both good fortune and adversity.

The world is already watching, because you’re already a leader.

The question is: What kind of leader will you choose to be? 

When you think of the people you look up to, what makes them worth following?

What makes you worth following?

Let’s talk about it in the comments...

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