About Reboot Authentic


What is this place? Who are you? What’s going on here?? I have so many questions!

Jeez. Take it easy. All is well.

Let’s knock down a few of those questions…

When I started this blog in 2012, I had no clue what I was getting into. But in another way, I knew exactly what I wanted to be. For the most part. Sort of. But not really. You with me?

Let me explain. See, I’m old. Not like “old” old as in frail and sickly and confused.  Well, the confused part is a real thing, but I’m still pretty young-ish. I’m old in the sense that your average millennial could probably beat me in a foot race. Also in a car race, because I’m always misplacing my damn keys.

What I’m getting at is that I’ve seen a ton of stuff. I have a lot of experience… out there in the real life business world, and also plenty of experience as a human being stumbling around this planet trying to ignore the fact that we’re all just a bunch of balding chimps with MASSIVE superiority complexes.

I’m at that age where I’ve had it with all the B.S., the varnish, the hypothetical lipstick on the proverbial pig. 

Hence the name Reboot Authentic.  My first choice was IfEveryoneWouldJustStopBeingA** but Reboot Authentic is easier to remember.

Here’s the thing.  Actually here are several things…

I love marketing, sales, persuasion, copywriting… and all those skills that involve convincing people to take action. But I HATE each and every one of them when they’re intentionally dishonest, evil, selfish, cheesy, or just really really poorly done.

Again… Reboot Authentic. Making sense now?

I’ve concluded that I’m happiest when I remind myself that I am NOT a blogger running a “blogging to bloggers about blogging” blog.  I got bogged down in that space for a while. 


What You Can Expect Here…

I still love blogging, content marketing, copywriting, and all that fun online stuff… but it’s not my “thing.” You’ll hear about it from me, but you should expect much, much more variety (rambling, ranting, and so on).

What I share with you will vary wildly according to the day, my mood, the tides, moon phases, and my current beer supply.

But in general, I like to talk about…

  • Influence and persuasion for good guys

  • Pointing out evil and/or stupid influence persuasion inflicted upon us all

  • Small business

  • Surviving work and making a living

  • Humanity - the awesome, dumb, smart, mean, funny, wonderful things we do

  • Family, pets, and Living in America 

  • Writing & the written word

  • Selling (both B2B and B2C)

  • Whatever is on my mind

  • Whatever is on YOUR mind

no gurus.png

You’ve Entered a Guru-Free Zone

There are no gurus here. Thank God.

Also no ninjas, wizards, bad-asses, or any of those other ridiculous titles some people bestow upon themselves. There’s enough schmutz online already. I refuse to add to it.

I sell no magic or secrets. I especially do NOT sell “secret sauce.” Not only is that a super-lame cliche, it just sounds really gross. There is no such thing as secret sauce. And if someone tries to give you some, I’d advise you not to get it anywhere near your mouth.


Who’s Behind the Website?

You may have noticed that I’ve not shared any information about myself to this point. I haven't listed my educational credentials, companies I’ve worked for, or positions that I’ve held.

You’ve probably also noticed there aren’t a collection of goofy glamour shot pictures of me on this page wearing a tux, leaning on a sports car, or posing in a “don’t I look smart” sort of fashion.

That's the kind of bogus varnish you won’t see here. EVER. For a couple of reasons. Because Reboot Authentic isn’t about me. It’s about YOU and getting you to where you want to be.

That being said, it’s probably time to give you some information about myself...

Hello! I’m Gary Korisko.

I have nearly 30 years of experience in sales and marketing management on local to national levels - both as an employee and as an entrepreneur. In 2012, I started Reboot Authentic.

And that’s all you get on this page.

Like I said, this page is about you, so I’m not going to barf out my entire life story on you here.

You’re welcome.

However, if you’d like to know more about me, my story, and my experience, I’m pretty much an open book. You can get all the dirty little details on me here... where I do barf out my entire life story. At least a summary.


Ready to Reboot Authentic?

So that’s me.

That’s my website.

And, if all of that stuff you just read hit home for you, then that’s US.

Sign up using the form below to get updates. Or use one of the other forms that display or pop up all over the site. I’ve slapped one of those bad boys everywhere I could think of. 

I hope this site makes you laugh a little, think a lot, and in whatever tiny way it can… help you become a real, genuine, person who enjoys a laugh at his or her own expense once in a while.

Thanks for showing up!

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